class Buildr::Scala::Scalac::Javac

Javac compiler:


Used by default if .java files are found in the src/main/java directory (or src/test/java) and sets the target directory to target/classes (or target/test/classes).

Accepts the following options:

environment variable/global option.

(e.g. ['-implicit:none', '-encoding', 'iso-8859-1'])



Public Instance Methods

compile_map(sources, target) click to toggle source

Filter out source files that are known to not produce any corresponding .class output file. If we leave this type of file in the generated compile map the compiler will always be run due to missing output files.

Calls superclass method
# File lib/buildr/java/compiler.rb, line 69
def compile_map(sources, target)
  map = super
  map.reject! { |key,_| File.basename(key) == '' } || map